Here Are Three Reasons To Choose Employer Sponsored Childcare For Your Kids


How to choose child care

One of the biggest decisions we have to make is the direction that we want to go in parenting out children. These decision involve what food to feed them, what schools to send them to, and what to look for when choosing a daycare. When deciding how to choose a daycare, there are many factors to weigh, especially because a two year old is more active than they will be at any other point in their life. This means you need a good childcare provider. These factors can include how close the day care providers are locate to work and home, the personalities of the care providers, and the amenities that the daycare might offer. One thing that you might consider when figuring out how to find a daycare is whether employer sponsored childcare is right for your family. Employer sponsored childcare is a great way to provide your children with convenient daycare at an affordable price. Here are three reasons why you should consider employer sponsored childcare for kids.

1. Corporate daycare providers are usually private contractors that are hired by the company to take care of the child care. This means that they will be professionally trained and licensed individuals that are in charge of your children. They will get the best care when they are under employer sponsored childcare. This means that their development will be closely monitored and ushered along.

2. You will be able to get back on the job more quickly after giving birth with employer sponsored childcare. This is because your kids will be close by in your corporate daycare setting. It will allow you to also concentrate better while you are at work. This is because you know that your kids are nearby and under the best supervision.

3. Employer sponsored childcare is a great perk to have at your business. It is something that people actively search out when deciding which company they will work for. This also plays a big role in top level employee retention at many companies. In fact, 80% of the top 100 companies for working mothers offered employer sponsored childcare last year. This is something to seriously consider if you employer offers this benefit.

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