How to Fix Three Awful Studying Habits


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There are bad ways to do test prep review, and there are good ways. While it’s imperative that you study for ACTs, SATs, GREs, or which ever other test you may have in the right way, it’s even more important not to fall into bad habits.

Here are a few of the worst things you can do when trying to get test prep review done, and how you fix them.

Instead of Pulling All Nighters, Take a Caffeine Nap Instead.

Though all nighters have been romanticized as the classic way to get more studying and work done, it’s actually catastrophically detrimental to your test prep review time. When the body sleeps, the brain consolidates memories, stabilizing them. If you choose to spend the whole night doing test prep review, then there’s a good chance you won’t remember any of it. Instead, get a full night’s sleep. If you’re feeling tired during the day and need to get even more studying in, consider taking a caffeine nap. Drink a coffee, and then nap for 20 minutes. The caffeine will naturally wake you up when it kicks in 20 minutes later, and you’ll feel even better for having slept, allowing you to get more test prep review done.

Instead of Studying at Your Friends’ Place, Study in a Cafe.

Studying with a partner can be helpful, but only if you get your test prep review done, but be honest. If you go to a friend’s house with the intention of studying, how much are you really going to get done? Instead, head to a cafe. Coffee houses have been proven to be amazing places to study. Their ambient noises have been shown to make people more productive, and caffeine has been proven to help students do test prep review on even the most mind numbing subjects.

Instead of Marathon Studying, Take Breaks.

Studying in marathon sessions isn’t as effective as you might think. The longer you do college test prep review, the less information you’ll retain. Instead, take a five minute break for every 20 minutes you spend pouring over your ACT test prep books or other studying materials.

If you have any questions about these studying tips for exams, feel free to share in the comments. Read more here.

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