How Traction Elevators Work


If you’re looking for a new elevator for your building, why not look at traction elevators? You may be wondering what exactly one of these things is. First of all, we have to understand how an elevator moves in the first place. Basically, steel cables are tied to the top of an elevator and it hoists the elevator up to the top of the building where the machine room is.

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This is powered by an electric motor that moves the elevator up and down. The other thing that makes an elevator function properly is a counterweight. A counterweight is what helps the elevator move up and down easily and it’s typically about half the weight of the elevator. The elevator also has mechanisms in place that reduce vibrations as you ride the elevator. A traction elevator is also very safe as it has many fail-safes that ensure that the elevator will not come crashing down. In fact, some traction elevators have a rubber stopper at the bottom to ensure that the elevator doesn’t crash into a free fall. The big thing to remember in terms of safety is that it’s never okay to open the doors of an elevator and ride on top.

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