How Tile and Stone is Installed


Few things can really make a room look elegant and last a long time like architectural tile and stone. A tile floor is great for creating a durable surface upon which walking and moving objects will not tear it up over time. Any damage could be repaired with a replaced tile, adhesive, and grout as needed. The video shows how a skilled crew can do the best tile installation.

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Self-install options also are available that work very well.

Stone is another highly durable construction material that really makes interiors look and work great. Marble, granite, and other commonly used stone materials can produce outstanding countertops, backsplashes, and wall d├ęcor. Stoneworks especially well in kitchens, dining areas, and bathrooms. Stone and tile can make a kitchen, bathroom, or other space look and function much better.

Installation requires the correct tools that make it possible to move large pieces without breaking them. Many helpers usually are required to lift, move and maneuver a heavy stone slab into place without damaging it or the room into which it is going. Stone and tile require a proper setting as well as grout and other materials that help to seal any joints or crevices.

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