Illinois Woman Opens Up About the Realities of Major Weight Loss


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Shape magazine rescinded their offer to print a woman’s pictures and story after major weight loss. What change their minds? According to an Illinois woman, Shape was no longer interested once she submitted photographs in a sports bra. These photographs unabashedly showed Brooke Birmingham’s loose skin after losing 172 pounds.

Brooke Birmingham: Shape Magazine Refused to Show Readers What Realistic Weight Loss Looks Like

Birmingham admits that she was extremely put off by a Shape magazine representative’s request for her to wear a shirt in her after pictures. As a regular reader of Shape, Birmingham knew the magazine regularly publishes pictures with women in bikinis and sports bras. The magazine refused to pose her pictures, Birmingham believes, due to her loose skin. Since rejecting the fitness magazines conditions and refusing to share her story with Shape, Birmingham’s blog about her experiences has gone viral. In spite of what the magazine may have thought, her readers have been overwhelmingly supportive. “This woman is the perfect example of what women look like after major weight loss. I applaud her for being brave! We need to get away from airbrushed, photoshopped, [and] surgically-enhanced images,” reader Dawn Hiatt Hanson wrote into Today.

Is There A Solution To Loose Skin?

Healthcare professionals agree: the answer is yes. Although one of the realities of major weight loss is loose skin — and Birmingham is doing wonders to promote body acceptance — there are steps men and women alike can take to tighten loose skin. Too few Americans know about the natural health benefits of collagen, for example. “Wrinkles are the result of a loss of collagen, the main structural protein of the skin. As you age, the body begins to produce less of it, which keeps skin from being as firm as it was when you were younger,” ABC News reports. Take advantage of these natural health benefits with collagen skincare products, including collagen creams and other natural collagen products.

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