Online Massage Therapy Continuing Education Why it Works


Massage Therapy can be a busy, demanding profession, and likely, your schedule is quite full with appointments. although you love what you do, it can be difficult to find the time to further your education.

The good news is, today’s digital world has many different online options for taking continuing education, offering several courses on how to do massage online CEU. Online learning allows a massage therapist to continue practicing while learning.

How To Find Massage Therapy CEU Courses

When you begin your search for massage continuing education courses, you will want to make sure the classes you take are backed by a reputable source. You don’t want to shell out money for a course, only to find out it won’t count for credits.

To ensure you are selecting legitimate online learning, only choose sites that are credentialed and display the symbol of the National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

The NCBTMB site offers a map that lists state requirements for massage therapists, including any state restrictions regarding the number of online CEUs that can be taken.

The Benefits of Taking Massage Therapy CEU Online

Flexible Schedule

Learning how to do massage online CEU courses can be taken whenever and wherever you want, without disrupting your daily appointments. This allows you the freedom to continue your work while growing professionally.

More Affordable

Because online classes have far less overhead cost than on-campus classes, massage training online saves money on transportation, food, babysitting, and and other miscellaneous expenses, not to mention downtime from your work day. You can continue earning an income while you learn.

Class Accessibility

Continuing education for massage therapists lets you customize which specific techniques you would like to learn, giving you more options that otherwise may be limited by location.

Same Quality of Learning

Today, online courses offer the same level of education as on-campus courses, meaning you will have access to massage teachers with the same knowledge and expertise. Online learning connects you with renowned teachers from around the globe, assuring a high standard of education.

Learn More Efficiently

Online classes are often made available to you on evening and weekends and can also be completed at your own pace, whether you want to finish them all together or not, to accommodate your own schedule.


Not that all LMTs are shy (!) but being in an online class from the comfort of your own home can lessen your anxiety and stress, ultimately making it easier to participate more with others.

By choosing how to do massage online CEU courses, you take full control of your learning mode as you learn new ways of the profession. Online learning is a smart way to further your education and professional growth.

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