The Benefits of Sending Your Child To Daycare


For working parents, finding a safe and reliable place to send their children during the summer months can be a challenging task. As nearly seven million children receive child care from someone who is not a direct relation, the need for childcare is hugely important. Children who have a full time stay at home parent, either a mother or a father, are dwindling in numbers, as around two thirds of all children have two parents in the work force or are brought up by a single parent who is also in the work force.

Fortunately, there a number of viable places for your children to go during your work hours in the summer. One of these such places is that of toddler swimming lessons. Toddler swimming lessons will range in time but can be ideal for a work from home parent, providing an hour to an hour and a half of free time to get some work done without the distraction of a child or multiple children. Toddler swimming lessons can also be hugely important in terms of the overall safety of your child, as swimming lessons, particularly toddler swimming lessons, can significantly reduce the risk of drowning. As drowning is the second top cause of unintentional death among young children, those who are under the age of fourteen but over the age of one, toddler swimming lessons can set the foundation for safe swimming practices early. Putting your child in toddler swimming lessons could even serve to save their life one day. As swimming is also in the top five most popular sports in the United States (coming in as the fourth most popular) it is also more than possible that you’ll instill a lifelong love of swimming in your child simply by placing them in toddler swimming lessons.

For those parents who are in need of more full time care options, a daycare center is likely the best option possible. Daycare centers are often beneficial not only to the safety of your child, but to their brain development. Daycare centers tend to be stimulating for your child, exposing them to interaction with other children around their age range as well as activities geared towards brain development and growth. Trusted child care professionals will ensure the safety and happiness of your child, as well as providing them with food and scheduled nap times (if they are young enough to benefit from this).

Daycare programs have been found to be particularly beneficial for young children who are considered to be at risk. For example, in seventy percent of at risk children who were followed into adolescence, the ones who were not placed in a daycare program and given a quality early education were found to be far more likely to commit and participate in a violent crime of some nature. And the lack of a preschool program and quality early childhood education was found, in sixty percent of at risk adolescents, to have deterred them from entering college programs. Preschool has even been found to increase rates of high school graduation in at risk children, provided that the preschool is quality and provides high caliber early childhood education and support

Choosing a daycare center, preschool, or summer camp for your child can be difficult, and it can sometimes be, at first, a difficult adjustment period as your child learns to be okay without your presence there the entire day. But the vast majority of children do adjust well and have great days in their respective programs, making new friends and learning new skills. Some parents even find that preschool and daycare programs provide their children with things that they would not be able to, such as a community of peers and loving teachers who specialized in early childhood education.

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