Tips For Using Junk Removal Services


Are you having a hard time with your junk removal prices? If so, here are some things to consider for your pricing and the three essential components to include in your pricing.

1. The first one you need to include in your overall price is volume; what this means is that if your customer is going to make your truck full, then they have to pay you the amount you are charging for a truck, if you think it will only use half the space, then set them for what you typically charge in a 50% volume.

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The tricky part here is if the query is online and you can’t estimate the volume.

2. Labor- If it takes you a significant amount of time to remove all the junk in their house, then it will cost them a higher fee. However, you have to check within your local state how each company does their hourly rates for their workers to get a better idea of how to charge your client. The more people you hire, the higher the cost will be as they will be paying each worker the rate you have stated to your client.

3. Weight- Junk removal prices can be affected by the sheer weight of the entire junk. Tell them what you usually charge for a ton, half-ton, quarter of a ton, and many more. In this way, your customer gets an idea of its cost.


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