Hablas Espanol? Here’s How You Can Answer “Si”


Spanish curriculum

Hablas Espanol? If you have young children, now is the time to invest in preschool Spanish lessons. Studies repeatedly show that the younger a child learns a second language; the better is it is for his or her cognitive development. Children under the age of five are at the ideal developmental phase to learn a second language. Investing in Spanish curriculum now will benefit them throughout their future!

Why Spanish?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world! Given America?s close proximity to Mexico and South America, preschool Spanish lessons pay off with one?s ability to communicate with our geographical neighbors. However, the significance of studying Spanish doesn?t stop there. According to census reports, there are over 387 million native Spanish speakers across the globe, which means that there are endless opportunities to put preschool Spanish lessons to use. Spanish is the official language of 21 different countries that are home to a wealth of history, culture, recreation, study, and work opportunities. Domestically, reports have proven that bilingual employees statistically earn almost twenty percent more per hour than similar employees who only speak one language.

Why Preschool? By beginning your homeschool Spanish curriculum in preschool, you are providing your children with their best chance to learn the language. During the first eight years of their life, children naturally acquire language skills through the world around them. These skills are usually obtained from songs, games, imitation, constant repetition, and English or Spanish storybooks, which are also found in the most effective preschool or elementary Spanish curriculum. At the preschool phase of development, a child?s ability to pronounce unfamiliar or foreign sounds and to learn new grammar rules is more enhanced than any other time in his or her life. Additionally, children who learn a second language at a young age will also learn additional languages faster than their peers! It is impossible to overstate the importance of finding and utilizing an effect preschool Spanish curriculum. At the ages of 8-12, children lose their ability to reproduce new sounds and acquiring other foreign languages is much more difficult.

Every parent wants their child to be effectively equipped for their future. As you plan your homeschool Spanish curriculum, it is essential to understand the importance of beginning the foreign language acquisition process while your child or children are still young. Finding the right, most effective, preschool Spanish curriculum for your family is an investment they will appreciate for the rest of their lives. And if all goes well, they?ll even be able to express their gratitude in Spanish!

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